Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Enneagram Tritype: A Self-Typing Story, Part 7

Next, I flipped to the section about Type 5 and its wings.  In this case, after I'd read the descriptions of 5w4 and 5w6, it wasn't as crystal-clear to me which one I had as my third fix; but I leaned toward 5w6.  Some of what I read in the 5w6 description didn't apply to me, but a lot of it did -- whereas 5w4 as a whole did not seem to fit me as well. 

In order to be sure of my conclusions regarding the wings on my second and third fixes, though, I needed -- as usual -- to spend several hours reading through whatever I could find about 4w3, 4w5, 5w4, and 5w6 online. 

I learned a lot more about Type 4's wings and how they manifest in the Type 4 person's nature, and just as with my 9 core and its wings, I was able to recognize that I did have some of each wing on my 4-fix.  I realized that whenever I'd striven to do well in school so as to enjoy the acclaim of teachers, or showed off in front of new acquaintances how well I could speak or sing in another language, that had been my attention-greedy 3-wing taking over.  And yet, still -- after each and every webpage on which I read information about 4w3 vs. 4w5 with as wide-open a mind as I could possibly have re: which might be my more influential wing, there was zero doubt about it: although I did have that 3-wing and it did take over once in a while, still, the 5-wing was by far the most prominent.

Then I went through the same thing with Type 5: learned a lot more about how its two wings respectively manifest in a Type 5 person's nature, but after each webpage -- check, check, check -- 5w6 held out as a much more accurate description of the way my third fix had always functioned. 

And so it was decided: my whole Enneagram Tritype is 9w1, 4w5, 5w6.